TNH23 communiqué 2: Venue and Hash Pub

Thanks again everyone for being so patient while we pull Territory Nash Hash 2023 together for you guys in our shortened timeframe.

I know a lot of you have been wanting to know more information around the venues for Nash Hash so you can book accommodation.

As mentioned in a previous communiqué, we have been working to secure our venue, Hash Pub and some accommodation attached to that. Unfortunately at this stage we have not been able to secure the accommodation discounts yet, but we felt it was more important to let you know where our Nash Hash activities will be centered so you can book your accommodation. If we get lucky we may be able to access the discounts later on, but we can’t promise anything at this stage.

Our venue has been described as one of the best outdoor concert venues in the world by some well known artists. We are fortunate to have secured the Gardens Amphitheatre just outside Darwin City.

Our Hash Pub is the Frontier Hotel on the edge of the city near the Amphitheatre. One of the few hotels in Darwin to have survived Cyclone Tracy. The hotel above the pub has plenty of accommodation.

We will also have access to Lizards Bar in Mitchell Street as a secondary Hash Pub. Some of you may remember this bar from Aussie Nash Hash 2001, although sadly the original bar is no longer in use, they have built a new modern bar next door. There is also a hotel above this bar with some great apartment rooms, this hotel is H on Mitchell.

The next update will be to let you know how to register.

We have had quite an administrative process to get regos up and running, but we are nearly there. We will let you know soon when we are open for regos (on this site and on our Facebook page).

We can let you know we will be starting early bird registrations at $360 for the first 200, and then will increase the price to $410 until a few months before the event with the price rising to $460 for the slackers that want to register late. These prices are in line with Port Douglas and we’re pleased that 4 years later we haven’t been impacted by inflation!

On On to Territory Nash Hash – I hope you’re all getting as excited as we are!


4 responses to “TNH23 communiqué 2: Venue and Hash Pub”

  1. Please put me on the email notification list for early regos for Boltcutter & Furburger from Binningup/Bunbury. Thanks for your efforts. Cheers


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