Thanks for your feedback

After the huge response when regos opened for TNH23, and band-aid solutions to the tech issues (but also, hopefully, a long term solution), we’ve now had time to read through everyone’s (?) emails & comments.

Here’s our first response to all of the comments & feedback:

  • Thank you for all of your messages of love, patience, trust & enthusiasm. We love you too & are just as excited about hosting TNH23 in Darwin, your visit/revist to Darwin & the opportunity to hash & party with fellow hashers.
  • We agree, Skiddy & the TNH23 team are awesome & deserve congratulatory beers.
  • Regos & details of the Red Dress Day Run (11 May) aren’t available just yet – we’ll let you know through the website, Facebook page & emails when these are available.
  • The TNH23 t-shirt & polo shirt are both short sleeved; t-shirt is round neck. Pack sunscreen.
  • Re non-alcoholic beer & wine and/or sugar free lemonade/mineral water drink options, please email if you ALSO think these drink options would be good. If there’s demand we’ll see if we can accommodate (no guarantees).
  • If you’re not on the who’s cuming list we haven’t got your rego …. even if you have paid us. Please complete the rego form. Thanks.
  • For those who haven’t registered yet, the form asks for your bank transfer reference (your hash name & real name initials), so have that handy.
  • Email notifications are sent to folks who’ve asked to be added to the TNH23 email distribution list (by emailing or who are now registered & ticked “Yes!” to emails from us. There may have been confusion with emails forwarded by other Hashers/clubs, and then folks missed out on emails from on 28 Dec. We haven’t sent an email since the tech breakdown on 28 Dec. If you’re registered and/or receieved emails on 28 Dec, you’re on our list. If not, please email & ask to be added.
  • You like roundabouts? Darwin CBD has some lovely roundabouts, including one near the Hash venue, but there’s also some traffic lights in lieu of roundabouts. Let us know if you require assistance with traffic light intersections (you know who you are).
  • Still waiting to hear from a hasher’s nurse re rego comments (you know who you are). Your “nurse” can send comments to
  • If there’s a typo or error in your rego form (e.g. TNH23 t-shirt size or Hash name on the who’s cuming list) please email with the correction.

We’ve been advised by the Microsoft support staff that the current rego form can cope with 5 million submissions (ha!), so bring-it-on & register for TNH23 if you haven’t already, share with folks who aren’t on our who’s cuming list & help restore our faith in Microsoft Forms (PTSD warning for TNH23 committee members).

Thanks for your support & all the best for the new year.

On on to TNH23.

One response to “Thanks for your feedback”

  1. Thankyou All for the hard work that You All have put in over the last 6 Months &Rego Day.
    I do think it is a good idea to have none Alcoholic&Sugar Free Drink provided.
    Some of us can only drink limited amounts of Alcohol, due to some Health issues.
    I am so looking forward to it,as it is my First time in Darwin.


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